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If you can’t find your answer then please email us at findoutmore@axeclub.ie and we will get right back to you or fill out the contact form…

Do you have Vegan, Gluten Free and Vegetation options?2023-11-02T17:15:56+00:00

Yes, and no..

We have Vegan and Vegetarian options, but not Gluten free, please let us know when you book your event how many people in your group prefer these options. If we don’t hear from you then you may not get what you want.

Do you sell food and drinks at the venue in Dublin?2022-10-07T12:04:23+01:00

Yes we have herbal tea (free) and we sell cups of lovely Axe Club blended coffee from our partners at 250sq… its a really good coffee.

We also have Non alcoholic Beer and soft drinks available to buy

Do I need to sign a disclaimer?2022-02-14T11:53:10+00:00

Yes we ask you to sign a disclaimer before you are allowed to join any event. A copy of this is in your confirmation email to allow you time to read this before the event and ask any questions.

Are the axes heavy?2022-02-14T11:53:30+00:00

Dublin: the axes weigh about 800g, this is about the same as a litre of orange juice…
Wicklow: We throw different axes in the woods ranging from 300g to 2Kg.. So something for everyone.

Is there parking at the Dublin venue?2022-02-14T11:53:45+00:00

There is no parking at the venue, but there is lots of on street parking in the surrounding streets. Please park considerately…

What is the minimum age?2023-06-08T10:54:14+01:00

The minimum ages for axe throwing in Dublin and Wicklow is 12 years old but you also need to be 1.5m tall.

If you book a private Wicklow event then there is no lower age limit for the activities, please inform us of the ages in the group so we can prepare. Children under 12 can’t throw axes and children under 6 can’t join in the archery.

What time should I arrive?2022-09-27T13:10:24+01:00

Please arrive 10 mins before your event. All events start on time, if your late and miss the safety briefing then you can’t join in. There are no refunds for late people!

I am running late.. What happens?2022-02-14T11:49:52+00:00

All events start on time, please arrive 10 mins before you event starts. If you or one of your group arrives late and after the safety briefing we will do our best to slot them in, but they may miss out on some of the training/practise OR we might not be able to slot them in. This is for safety reasons.

There are no refunds if your late and we are unable to slot you in, please arrive 10 mins before you event starts.

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel the event?2022-09-27T13:12:09+01:00

We have a no refunds policy.
BUT if you give us 3 days notice and a sensible reason (such as a real emergency) then we might be able to rearrange the booking for you for another time (postpone it) –  but we can’t guarantee this.

Can I add extra people to my booking?2022-02-09T12:48:46+00:00

Yes we can add extra people to a booking, just let us know in time so we can send you a payment link for the extra people:

Axes Throwing Event – let us know 2 days before the event
Axe Throwing and Pizza Event – let us know 5 days before the event.

Can I drink and throw axes?2022-10-07T12:07:51+01:00

We require that you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol before we start the event. We ask you to sign a disclaimer confirming this before the event starts.  No drinking before or during an event please.

We are have non alcoholic beer, soft drinks and tea/coffee available at the venue.

Do you take a deposit? Do I have to pay upfront?2022-02-09T12:47:53+00:00

We don’t take deposits.
For any private event we need full payment upfront to secure the date and time , but if you are not sure of final numbers and don’t want to commit to a larger total then please just book for 6 and let us know 5 days before the event the final total. We can then send you a payment link for the extra people.

Can I just walk in on the day and join a session?2022-02-09T13:04:53+00:00

We can’t accept walk-in’s at the moment. We ask you to book online so we can plan the event and ensure we don’t exceed maximum numbers.

Can I book if I have less that then minimum no of people?2022-02-09T12:46:58+00:00

If you have less people than the minimum to book a private event then you will unfortunately need to still pay for min number, and just come attend with less people… OR find a few more to join your event?

I have less people than I thought, can I get a refund?2022-02-09T12:31:52+00:00

We can’t offer a refund if you have booked for too many people by mistake.
If you are not sure of the final numbers yet then we that suggest you book for 6 people, the minimum for a private event, and add more later once your sure of final numbers.

If I feel unwell (COVID symptoms) and can’t attend what happens?2022-02-14T11:57:16+00:00

We have a no refunds policy, but if you can’t attend due to COVID restrictions or symptoms then we will re-arrange the booking for you for another time (postpone it). Please make sure you give us as much notice as possible if you’re not able to attend.

BUT, If you have booked a private event and are from another country (on holiday or visiting Ireland) then we recognise that you might not be able to rearrange an event. in this case we offer a 80% refund

I am not sure of the final number of people?2022-02-09T12:31:48+00:00

If you are not sure of the final numbers yet then we that suggest you book for 6 people, the minimum for a private event. This will get the date and time confirmed and allow you time to work out the final total. Please let me know 5 days before the event what your final numbers are and I will send another payment request to confirm the extra people.

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