We bring the axe throwing range to you and provide an awesome activity for your festival, wedding or corporate event.

The mobile range can be parked anywhere where the ground is flat and we can drive in. The range has 2 lanes, so 2 people can throw at once, and we always have an experienced instructor coaching and supervising all the axe throwing. The mobile range is fully enclosed with wire mesh but people can still see in and enjoy their friends throwing axes (and cheer/boo of course!). 

We can travel to anywhere in Ireland and add some kick axe action to your event..

1 Day Hire

Hire the range for 1 day for your event, wedding or festival.  Perfect for day 2 of the wedding and for that break out after a corporate away day. The one day hire includes up to 4 hours axe throwing, we can run a competition or just have-a-go style, up to you.

We are fully insured with 10million public liability insurance and we have been running axe throwing events since 2016..

Book online up to 12 months in advance and secure your space


Multi Day Hire

A multi day hire is perfect for larger events or festival’s where there will be lots of people, give your guests something awesome to do! We can run format the event to suit your requirements (competition or prizes for hitting targets etc). The range has 2 lanes and at full speed 25-30 people can throw per hour.

Prices for multi day events are quoted individually depending on duration and format, please provide as much details as possible

Email us to find out more

Let the party come to you! Add a kick to your week, beat your teammates in your own corporate league. Our mobile axe throwing range can be hired and we can run a regular monthly league night at your office… Available on weekday afternoons and evenings for inter departmental axe offs…

Our axe-pert coaches will teach you all you need to be hitting the bullseye, no experience necessary. E-mail us to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Email us to find out more

MOBILE RANGE Questions and Answers…

We will require a flat level area to situate the axe throwing range, ramp and gazebo.

The trailer and steps combined are 9m long and 3m wide. The Gazebo is 3x3m  thus the minimum flat level space required is 12x4m – ideally a square pitch of 12x12m is preferred.

We will require free parking for our van – The van size is 5×2.5m – this can be parked beside the range or in a separate area.

Consider turning access for our vehicles and attached trailers. We also recommend that anything over hanging the access route such as tree branches are above the 3m height level so as to not interfere with the trailer frame work.

Access is not Axe Clubs responsibility (width, height, kerbs, turning access etc) , it’s up to the hirer to ensure that we have safe and suitable access. Should the access not be suitable then there will be no refunds.

Axe Club has been running Axe Throwing events in Dublin and Wicklow since 2017 so we are experienced at running events. We also compete in axe throwing competitions internationally and have full public liability insurance. 

Our mobile events are fully insured with 5million public liability and we have a detailed Risk Assessment available on request. Any extra cover can be arranged as required, this may be at additional cost depending on the requirements.

All Axe Club staff are fully insured and experienced instructors with first aid training.

Minimum height to throw will be 1.5m

All participants will need to sign a disclaimer before throwing.

All participants must not be intoxicated, we will refuse anyone that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or non prescription drugs will be denied access

We reserve the right to refuse admission or to ask you to leave if we feel that you are behaving in an unsafe manner.

The costs are based on a distance of 50Km from our base in Dublin. Travel further than this (inc possible overnights) will be costed separately. Just get in touch and we can quote this for you

All events are only confirmed on full payment.

There are no refunds, all bookings are final and we will run the event in all weathers, there are no refunds if you cancel your event due to weather.

In the event we need to cancel the event then we will refund you in full or reschedule your event at a date and time that suits us both.

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