Grill Club –  It’s not a restaurant.

Join us around the charcoal grill, learn about cooking and preparing local venison. Then eat it and hang out.

We will be providing locally hunted venison for you to prepare and cook in the Japanese Yatai style over a charcoal grill. We would like to promote a wider use of venison to give our native woodlands a better chance of regeneration and reduce reliance on factory farming. Come for the craic and remember it’s not a restaurant

Rules of Grill Club:

  1. Bring a torch and something to drink.
  2. You are responsible for your own food hygiene and cooking.
  3. Dress for cold and sparks
  4. Get involved, cook your own food – it’s not a restaurant
  5. Read the rules again.

Grill Club events are limited in number and capacity so book via the button below:

Cost is 65e per person, approx. 3 hour event in Glendalough, Wicklow.

Book Your Space Here

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